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Jason came in and and did part of the work and was suppose to come back to complete the rest the following week. But never showed up and stop taking any calls.

After reading other post I feel lucky to get 3/4 of the work done.

But did have to pay someone else to complete the rest. He is a piece of self made fill in the blank.

Review about: Knuckle Down Concrete Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Knuckle Down Concrete - Jason asked for 1/2 of the money down and never showed up to finish the job

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Jason was fairly consistent in terms of the 50% down requirement I'd heard from other contractors. He started building a wall form and complained about the plans being "hard to understand". When it came time for inspection - inspection failed!

After I brought this to Jason's attention he blamed me, my plans (professionally engineered) and went on a tirade of profanity in text messages to me while refusing to take my calls. He never showed up leaving me with a formed wall that was not only incorrect, it was formed using rented gear so I had to pay two more months worth of rent by the time I hired someone else to fix the problems.

When Astrof came out to pick up the rented gear, there was more than $700 in missing and damaged hardware I had to purchase. This guy is a thief and a liar. The worst of the worst.

Review about: Cement Contractor.

Monetary Loss: $7000.



I have recently discovered Jason's bond was cancelled back in 2009 and he's been operating illegally. The L&I website says his bond is active "Until Cancelled" but they obviously haven't checked up on it.

You have the ability to file suit against him for that reason. FYI

Knuckle Down Concrete - They built the form for a wall and left without completing - took money though

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Jason brought in a crew that helped form a foundation wall for a slab on grade floor. The crew built the form for the wall and it was entirely out of specification and didn't pass inspection. When I informed Jason of the inspection results he blamed the problem on my plans. He never showed up again but he did take my money! He asked for 50% up front and I got screwed out of more than $5,000.

Now I have to start over and find a new contractor while I continue to pay rent on forms that are setup incorrectly.

Don't do business with this guy... Youve' been warned!

Also, checkout

Review about: Cement Contractor.

Monetary Loss: $6500.

Knuckle Down Concrete - Simple Review #1402263551

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Jason and his crew showed up to do the job less than an hour into it they were sitting in the truck doing drugs smoking pot being loud and carrying on I have another contractor come out and look at his and he said it was excruciating bad I would not use knuckle down concrete ever again no matter how good the price was don't be ripped off by Jason call a real contractor

Review about: Contractor.

Knuckle Down Concrete - Another victim in Seattle

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I hired Jason to level and resurface my garage floor. He came with two workers that were unqualified and left my place a mess (i.e.

hose out and left on, tool in back yard, trashed my tarp). The job was a bad frosting job, with ridges in the floor and lumps along the sides. I called Jason to come back and fix it, but he kept putting me off and finally quit answering my calls. That's when I Googled his name and came across this web-site.

Beware of this contractor. I also viewed his YouTube video on marijuana margarita and frankly wouldn't let him on my property again.

Review about: Garage Door Resurface.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Knuckle Down Concrete - Another victim of Knuckledown Concrete

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I hired Jason July 2013 to level and resurface my garage floor. The result was a bad frosting job, there were ridges in the floor and lumps of concrete along the edges.

He brought two workers and they did messy work and left the place a mess when they left. I called several times to ask him to come and fix it and he kept putting me off. Finally he stopped taking my calls so I Googled his name and found this site.

I feel like such a fool for not looking him up on the internet before hiring him. Beware of this man and his business!

Review about: Garage Door Resurface.

Avoid Knuckle Down Concrete at all costs

Seattle, Washington 1 comment

This guy is completely unprofessional; his work is amateur at best, and a hassle to deal with. He claims that his work is good, but the fact is, he is sloppy and his finish work is terrible. I completely wasted my money using this guy to pour a sidewalk and extend my patio. He claims that he is giving you a deal, but it s only a deal, if it requires less work on his part. He cuts corners on almost all aspects of concrete work. He complains like a child if you want him to do something that should be standard. His attitude is just completely unacceptable for a business owner. He left cigarette butts all over my yard, damaged my fence, and didn’t even remove all the concrete forms.

To anyone who even considers this guy, don t. It doesn’t matter how low his bid is, he will nickel and dime you any way he can. Other people say, you get what you pay for. With Jason, you get far less than what you pay for. My concrete looked absolutely terrible. Notice, how I say “looked” because I had a real contractor rip it out and do it the right way.

Review about: Knuckle Down Concrete.

Monetary Loss: $2600.


Albany, New York, United States #685562

sounds anal retentive its a exposed agg sidewalk that's about as good as they get unless you spend the money for good chips he should have cleaned up but probally couldn't stand your retard mouth :(

Knuckle Down Concrete - Scammer, spamming, nucking futz

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This guy is flat-out nuts. Period.

He advertises on craigslist, but spams the *** out of it. At any point in time, you can find fifty ads or more with his company name, phone number, etc. typed in fifty different ways. When he's flagged off, his equally crazy wife will flood the craigslist help forums posting threats and obscenities.

God help you if they think YOU flagged off one of their *** ads, they'll go out of their way big-time to cause problems for you. I saw the spam, and avoided calling them as a result, and boy am I glad I did.

Crazy nuts, people, crazy nuts. Call ANYONE else but them.

Review about: Concrete Stamping.

Knuckle Down Concrete - Jason Pachenker Knuckledownconcrete Issaquah WA

Seattle, Washington 6 comments
Not resolved

Stay away from this guy. He will lie, steal and not even do the job. He is a scam artist. I do not know what someone has not put him out of business. How can he get away with such ridiculous business practices. Lack of ethics does not even begin to describe the wreckage he has caused.

What can be done about someone like this who has many similar bad reviews on the internet?

How do people like this sleep at night?

Help me and others do something about such a low life so he does not continue to cause more harm.

He is in the concrete business.

Review about: Concrete.



June 2013, Jason did one half of the job ask for the money up front. Ask us to pay the concrete driver on our Visa card he took 1/2 of the concrete to another job.

We have called and e-mailed him several times, he keeps saying he will get it done.

We told him we would take him to small claims and he replyed he had 2 weeks to complete the job, per Wash. state law.


If you need a charactor reference for this guy, just view his You Tube video on Margarita Marijuana. Probably not the kind of reputable business I'd choose to hire.Use some discretion!

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #612486

I too was ripped off by this crook for close to $4000. He left the job undone and created a huge safety hazzard for my young children.

If I thought there was anything to be had I would have taken him to small claims court myself. I'm putting this one in the hands of karma and hoping he'll get his!


Agreed- he not only will rip you off but he is not qualified or experienced enough to do the work he claims. He is a novice laborer at best.

He walked away in the middle of my job leaving the concrete unfinished. We are currently in a lawsuit on this and he went as far as pulling in his family members and employees to write false statements against my claim.

He has no values or morals when it comes to screwing over clients. Please keep up warnings like these to protect others.

to Erik Spencer Seattle, Washington, United States #661691


I will act as a character reference against him

I have already taken him to court and one

He has not and will not pay (All I got after over 2.5 years or trying was $200 and him turning up after months of persuasion to finally break up and haul away the poorly finished pathway that he laid for me). Feel free to contact me 646 508 1563. when you sue, make sure you go after his bond.

Personally, I am going to supreme court and am going after his truck. Lets see how he does without that!

I agree about the lack of experience as he laid my concrete without a foundation and did not use rebar (other than two tiny pieces at one end.

to James Seattle, Washington, United States #687903

Edit to my prior comment. After almost three years, two mediations and a court case.

Jason and I finally settled the case for a cash sum. The settlement did not cover all my expenses but it was acceptable and it concludes my business with Jason and I will not be taking any further action

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Knuckle Down Concrete is UNPROFESSIONAL

Seattle, Washington 1 comment
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The owner of this firm drives a ridiculously huge truck, took up 1.5 lanes of a 2 lane road and then screamed "*** f-ing B_ _ _ _" at the top of his lungs when I drove completely within the law, in less than a standard lane past him when there was sufficient room.

If this is a glimpse of this guy's professionalism, do not do business with him! He certainly does not respect women and he definatley is not a smart business man to drive a branded truck around and behave with this level of road rage.

I checked him out on BBB and not surprisingly, he has an F rating (A best, F worst) due to similar unprofessional issues and worse product issues.

Review about: Unprofessional Realtors.


Seattle, Washington, United States #587007

This has to be some of the worst concrete finishing I have seen in my life. Very unprofessional company and crew.

Not sure how they pick up work. Gives contractors a bad name

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